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Assemble world-class android applications with the assistance of present-day open-source programming language Kotlin. Hire Kotlin developers at SM Global on hourly or full time  premise. 

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Why Choose SM Global?

Regardless of whether you search for Agile development of a single application or whole suite of Crypto development venture conveyance, we, as one of the top Kotlin development organizations. We can guarantee positive results of our custom Kotlin development benefits that bring outstanding business results. 

60% Cost Saving 

100% Real Reviews 

No Freelancers 

Respectability and 


Your thought is sheltered with us as we regard your mystery. Our groups work straightforwardly and pursue exacting NDAs. 

Our Kotlin App Development Services

Our seaward Kotlin application software developers give the fast organization of Kotlin application development undertakings and reliable help for progressing ventures. Henceforth, when you are searching for a particular necessity in your specialty, our Kotlin developers help you to satisfy your prerequisites. 


Custom App Development

Hire Kotlin developers who worked in android application development utilizing Kotlin, Google’s authentic language for android application development. We give first-class administrations to custom versatile application development, server development, and venture grade applications. 


Streamlined Apps Development

Our hired Kotlin application developers work cutting edge endeavor android applications for the development of looking for businesses alongside more affordable code viability. 


Server-Side Development

Hire Kotlin developers who assemble server-side applications succinctly and expressively. They can even convey Kotlin applications on such has which bolster Java web applications. 


Kotlin/Native App Development

Our seaward Kotlin developers permit the accumulation of Kotlin code in local parallels. It goes to those stages where the virtual machine isn’t fundamental or required. 


Javascript Development

Kotlin developers can move the Kotlin code to Javascript and make applications with server/customer engineering. It very well may be utilized to make DOM and realistic components to chip away at server-side advances. 


Simulated intelligence/Machine Learning Apps

With the assistance of Machine Learning algos, our coders assemble canny and imaginative AI-based portable applications for organizations. 

Our Kotlin developers are experienced and knowledgeable about the advantages of development.

Free no commitment quote 

At the point when you share your thought, we listen and furnish you with a no-cost gauge, typically inside 24 working hours. 

Your neighborhood fellow costs more We give the ideal equalization of focused evaluating and reliable quality and guarantee to charge fragment. 

Actualized more than 4200 activities 

We have expertly finished several activities and prepared to investigate new pursuits. 

Free undertaking administration with your group 

We Not Only Build Fast But Also Free You From Management Issues A You Get A PM From Our Side. 

Straightforwardness Is Ensured 

We report you day by day and week after week with all the moment venture subtleties and make recommendations whenever required. 

Adaptable Commitment Models 

We Provide Flexibility Of Choosing The Best Suited Engagement Model To All Our Clients. 

More than 2500 Cheerful Clients 

Throughout The Years, Our Clientele Has Increased And Now We Have Satisfied Customers All Across The Globe. 

Wide Skill Spectrum 

Our Kotlin developers have a full scope of center aptitudes to help kickstart a wide range of portable applications: 

Center abilities like SDK mix, nearby DB frameworks, and API mixes 

Information and application security with apparatuses and ideas like advanced vaults and PCI consistence 

Joining of outer sensors and equipment like keen watches, reference points, and IoT gadgets 

Work of complex applications with enlarged reality systems and SDKs 

Arrangements including Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), GPS and low-transmission capacity circumstances 

Undertaking focused personal use arrangements conveyed through MDMs. 

Application use following and examination mix with configurable dashboards 

What Can Kotlin Be Used?

“Kotlin Is Better Than Java In Every Way” 

Server Side 

Kotlin can be utilized to make a server-side application in an increasingly compact and expressive manner. Developers can convey Kotlin applications on each one of those hosts that help Java web applications. 


Kotlin developers can transpile Kotlin code to Javascript and fabricate applications with server/customer side engineering. It tends to be utilized to make DOM components, make graphical components, and work in the server-side developments. 


Kotlin/Native permits Kotlin code gathering into local doubles. It focuses on those stages where the virtual machine isn’t vital or required. Developers can likewise manufacture iOS applications with Kotlin as Kotlin/local ultimately bolsters interoperability with Objective-C. 

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SM Global will create, and help you implement a growth plan based on your existing baseline, your targets, your pain points and your differentiating strengths.

We see growth as a service based on a set of best practices coming from:-

(a) Start-up mentality  (b) Clearly defined objectives  (c) Project management  (d) Data and analytics  (e) Creative traction channel exploitation

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