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We at SM Global give you remarkable programming that is equipped for making every single module you require to flawlessness. Each model can be independently acquired yet if you need the genuine advantages of ERP. At that point, you may wish to consider having something other than one. Once You have an ERP system set up. You will come to see that you increase an altogether new viewpoint to the extent your business is concerned. You may much think about changing the current work systems or go in for something like representative retraining. What ERP truly does is changed the ‘productivity’ at which an association operates. If you felt that ERP probably wouldn’t be a decent choice for your association, at that point, you may genuinely wish to reevaluate that idea! 

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Why Us for your custom ERP development

We manufacture programming that permits branches of little or medium estimated organizations to run smoothly and speak with each other. 

Our Frappe structure-based arrangements help organizations to compose and deal with crafted by every single office. Little and medium measured organizations advantage the most from these arrangements. 

As the most cherished ERP development company, we have the involvement of structure answers for an extensive exhibit of business areas, including assembling, retail, and dispersion. We have a new capacity to coordinate broad functionalities into a single stage. 

How We Help You


We help associations by creating a tweaked schedule, Simple interpersonal organization, and Messaging Service. Work in daily agendas and ventures, time log passages, implanted detailing framework with office suite incorporation. 

Deals and CRM

We help you produce reports for every one of the organization’s business, citations, bolster demands — pamphlets: the executives and correspondence with both existing and potential clients. 

Human Resource Management

Where we have worked with significant associations to assist them with leave and participation the executives, cost claims accommodation, finance, and examinations, among other HR capacities. 

Bookkeeping and Billing

Our Accounting and Billing programming comes stacked with highlights including multi-cash and multi-nation support, incredible bookkeeping with assessment estimations, organization’s graph of records and cost focuses, and so on. 

Stock administration and Manufacturing

The place ERP has just demonstrated to be the best, emotionally supportive network. ERP causes you with all distribution center administration capacities, and our ‘Generation Planning Tool’ encourages you to plan creation and materials already. 

Inventory network Management

We see how vital production network capacities are for your development. Remembering this, we assemble arrangements that will enable you to oversee the shipping, coordinations, following, solicitations, and oversee other continuous information. 

ERP software development company In Mumbai 

ERP represents Enterprise Resource Planning’. It is very similar to ‘autopilot’ in a plane, where the plane is practically ‘flown’ without a lot of human hands in the driver’s seat. So what this exceptional business programming called ERP does is fundamental. The same as it permits a large group of users that are incorporated with one another to deal with the critical aspects of an organization like assembling, deals, and marketing. How it works is this way ERP programming enables us to intently screen KPIs. That is required to meet the objectives in the field-tested strategy of the organization. Essential things like item arranging, stock, and client assistance would all be able to be overseen through custom ERP development. An ERP framework comprises of various ‘modules’ to address the particular needs of the association, be it HR or circulation. Each such ERP module is coordinated with a database that has all the essential data relating to the job needing to be done, as may be the following of orders. Of Course, the genuine excellence lies in consistently incorporating every one of the modules together.


Lift Your Business and Cut Your Cost 

With the utilization of your own and advanced channels, your particular spend will get upgraded for your business around the world. CRM and ERP framework is coordinated to give you the highest degree of profitability (ROI). 

Get Visibility 

With the correct permeability of offers and advertising, you persistently track the business execution and realize the things work better for your business. 

Make Multi-Channels 

You have clients all over the place, so you have to have a primary method to associate. It doesn’t make a difference whether you are accepting the message employing telephone, talk, email, or internet-based life. Monitor all discussion precisely at a certain point. 

Coordinated Information System 

Have total data coordinated exactly in one area? There will be no issue of information spreading with the various databases. 

Customization and Extension 

By now, you need to deal with your business and group. The custom designs, modules, computerization, and fields can be altered according to your needs. 


Venturesome Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management, for example, ERP framework and CRM execution, give your clients, explicitly chiefs, the devices they have to make a progressively precise forecast.

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SM Global will create, and help you implement a growth plan based on your existing baseline, your targets, your pain points and your differentiating strengths.

We see growth as a service based on a set of best practices coming from:-

(a) Start-up mentality  (b) Clearly defined objectives  (c) Project management  (d) Data and analytics  (e) Creative traction channel exploitation

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