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SM Global is a specialist game development company that structures the ideal UI for your game and guarantees that customers get drawing in and addictive game utilizing the Cocos2D stage. We can likewise port your game to numerous stages, for example, iOS and Android. Our Cocos 2D game engineers center around joining the best highlights to create games that assist customers with standing out from the challenge. We target helping customers get the most extreme advantages of this game development motor. 

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Why Choose SM Global for Cocos2D Development

As a Cocos2D Game Development Company, SM Global has a group of fashioners who are magnificent with 2D and 3D models and have extraordinary learning about the gaming advances and their utilization. Our development groups have obtained extensive knowledge about the gaming scene in the market. Endeavor to offer inventive answers for our customers, which gives them a one of a kind selling point for their clients. 


To give what our customers want, we additionally put our time in realizing our customers better and relating their prerequisites to their intended interest group. At precisely that point, we can offer them bespoke administrations and techniques which do some amazing things for their business and assist them with growing exponentially. With long periods of internet business introduction backing us, we fulfill our customers profoundly for their gaming ventures and help them in setting up themselves in the market. 

How Did We start Into The Cocos2D Game Development Company?

With the rising interest of the Cocos2D Game Development, we, for the most part, saw a developing desire among the business people from a wide range of enterprises to procure the best Cocos2D Game Development company. Different designers are accessible on the web, yet the requirement for quality engineers is expanding radically. 

We have gone within this application to convey quality administrations and to fulfill the customers. With the custom Cocos2D Game Development Services, we are associated with helping brands for the development of the business. The Cocos game motor requires some accomplished designers to take a shot at it. Our group is devoted to learning and has reliable information about the present market drifts in Cocos2D Game Development. 

Our specialists consistently organize by investigating the desires of the client, which helped us to connect the potential hole. What the clients need, what the undertaking still has, and what everything they can have. 

Results of Cocos2d 

Cocos2D Family – Cocos2D is a group of open-source systems that help in creating games for various stages. 

Cocos2D-X – Cocos2D-X is a multi-stage system for building 2D games and graphical applications. It generally utilized for local Android application development, iPhone application development, and Windows telephone applications working for gaming. 

Cocos2D-XNA – It is a 2D/3D system for game development, which is composed of XNA. It is a Microsoft game stage that is accessible on Xbox 360, Android, iOS, and Windows telephone. 

Cocos2D-JS – It takes a shot at “Code once, runs all over the place” idea. Utilizing a solitary JavaScript codebase, one can distribute the game on different stages, for example, Mac OS x, web, Android, and iOS.

Cocos2D Game Development

Cocos2D is an open-source programming structure that generally utilized for creating intelligent games and applications. Being an open-source game motor, Cocos2D viewed as a savvy answer for making games for Android and iOS gadgets. It has broad network support for the engineers and clients. Utilizing the Cocos2D toolbox as a structure, we plan the most creative and intelligent games for our clients. Our experts use this instrument to advance the top of the line gaming knowledge. 

Cocos 2D conveys rich interactivity and a wide assortment of highlights. We have a group of experienced Cocos2D game engineers who carry top-notch games that engage. The clients for a considerable length of time as our devoted software engineers are knowledgeable about Python programming, JavaScript, C++. iPhone Swift development and Objective-C programming, we are sure that they can convey a perfect quality gaming background. We can likewise coordinate outsider libraries with Cocos 2D to assist you with getting the ideal highlights for your game. 

We have the extraordinary capability in utilizing the Cocos2D toolbox as the structure to create top-quality games that tempt the players. We are confident that we can assemble cross-stage games that have the ideal activity and impacts. We give outstanding post-dispatch backing and help the customers with portable application advertising systems. 

With long periods of involvement in the gaming business, we have assembled great and intriguing games for the clients. Our Cocos2D software engineers can construct exciting games that are amusing to play. Connect with us if you are searching for game development administrations or to find out about us.

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SM Global will create, and help you implement a growth plan based on your existing baseline, your targets, your pain points and your differentiating strengths.

We see growth as a service based on a set of best practices coming from:-

(a) Start-up mentality  (b) Clearly defined objectives  (c) Project management  (d) Data and analytics  (e) Creative traction channel exploitation

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