Working in the Digital Marketing Industry, one of the things that have always challenged me is writing winning proposals to win customers. The main issue with writing proposals is about the amount of time it actually takes. Framing proper words to catch the eye of clients is the most difficult part and time-consuming process.

Any proposal I created took at least 2 hours to make it a winning proposal. On various occasions, all of my hard work would go waste since my proposal would just sit in my customer’s mailbox without he/ she even going through it. Since my time should be focused on driving real results for customers rather than wasting time making proposals, I started searching for ways to automate the Professional Services Proposal. Taking suggestions from fellow marketers and hunting for a proper professional services proposal software to save my time/ energy, I ended up using Bidsketch. I have been using Bidsketch for past 2 weeks, and I will share my experience using the product as well as the learnings I got.

So, Bidsketch is an innovative online platform built for the person like me who aims to create a professional proposal in minimum time. The way it actually helps is that Bidsketch provides various readymade templates. So I can use the content/ design what their team has already created (which is quite detailed).  For simple things like a basic website/ logo, within 10 minutes I can get my perfect proposal ready.

After signing up for bidsketch account and using the 14 days trial period, I used their product almost every day. It takes some time getting the hang of things. However, after creating the first 2-3 proposals, I was at ease and started enjoying it’s a utility.

The best feature of Bidsketch is: Bidsketch sends the proposals on my behalf and the clients can accept/ reject online.  The pre-written content in their 20+ templates is especially useful as it shows the client that I understand their needs. With these features the chances of rejection decreases. Bidsketch also helps to get approvals faster when it’s about getting your proposal signed by the clients. With the help of their electronic signatures, I don’t need to run to the client’s office and get it done.

Another important feature: Before I used Bidsketch, I had to wait for a client’s confirmation regarding whether he checked my proposal or not. On Bidsketch, I was able to check whether the client viewed my proposal. I was able to see how many times the proposal was seen by them, which mail was used and if they converted the proposal into a pdf. This shows how much the client is interested in my business.

Overall: The features provided by bidsketch helped me. Pricing is economical when compared to other tools like Proposify. Business package starting from $149/mo (INR 10,430) is the cheapest of all. It allows 8 users at a time, with unlimited proposals, unlimited clients, proposal analyst, electronic signatures, own domain, real-time collaboration and team management. Another package of Team, which cost $79/mo (INR 5,530) can get 3 users on board with 7 services. The solo package specialized for a person like me cost $29/mo (INR 2,030) is the best affordable package. However, they charge for 1 complete year together in 1 go. I get access to unlimited professional services proposal, unlimited clients, proposal analyst, electronic signatures and my own domain.

Bidsketch makes me stress-free and a perfect entrepreneur.

Image Curtesy : Bidsketch

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    Posted on April 16, 2020 at 11:15 am

    Loved it, very informative, Kudos to the writer


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